About Us

Lider Plastik San. Ve Tic. A.S. was established in 1994 in Denizli. Our company operates in the Plastic Packaging sector and produces LDPE products. Regardless of scale, we always aim to provide the highest quality and service to the companies that we work with.

Our company moved to its current facility in 2008, in a 4000 m2 closed area, where raw material stock, production, product stock and logistics operations are carried out. Lider Plastik is specialized on the production of LDPE Shrink film, Transport Bags, Agricultural and Industrial Packaging Materials, Heavy Duty Bags, Concentrate Bags and Industrial Pallet Packaging.Thanks to our automated production line, we make our customers feel our expertize in the sector by providing them the best quality on our products.

We increased our capacity with new machinery and revision/update investments that we added to our production lines in 2011, 2015 and 2018.

Our company, which is aware that continuous growth can be achieved with qualified workforce investment, maintains high quality and productivity increase as a result of its continuous investments in automation, occupational safety, human resources and other production staff as well as main production lines.Our company, which adopts the principle of maintaining this understanding by considering the environment and human health, is audited by many independent audit institutions and gets full marks.

Lider Plastik which is the supplier of many national and international companies such as;

Coca Cola Beverage Inc., Coca Cola Sales Marketing Distribution Inc., Damla Water, Mahmudiye Spring Waters Limited Company, PepsiCo, Fruko Beverage Limited Company, Erikli Water and Beverage Industry & Trade Inc., Nestle Waters Food and Beverage Industry & Trade Inc., Aroma Bursa Food&Beverage Industry and Trade Inc., Penguen Food Industry Inc., Penkon Food Industry Inc., Elma Water Inc., Döhler Food Inc., meets the requirements of its customers with a quality product and on-time delivery approach.


As Lider Plastik, our mission is to provide quality & service to our customers and quickly respond to their demands on their packaging needs. We work with the philosophy of being one of the leading companies in packaging industry by making investments according to the environmental and technological requirements. We aim to apply the necessary care to every stage of the production process in order to maintain our quality policy in all areas.


We produce our products effectively and efficiently without compromising quality,environment and human health.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is based on providing a high level quality standard on each product in our portfolio. By ensuring the effective implementation of the quality system at all stages of production, raising the product quality and reducing the costs forms the basis of production and quality policy.

Lider Plastik was included in the BRC/IOP Packaging quality system in 2013 in order to better meet customer demands and ensure the continuity of our quality understanding. As a result of comprehensive inspections carried out every year, it is awarded with AA grade result.The most important result of this understanding is to fully meet the dynamics of R&D and quality processes,as well as customer requests and expectations.